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Michael Adrien Maddox, North Carolina

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Michael is a compulsive liar and cheater. I started seeing this man while he was still living with his fiancee, or so he said at the time…since that time I have found out that I was only one of several affairs that he had on his ex-wives. He was on eharmony trolling for his next victim apparently. I found several phone numbers of women whom he had contacted and was dating, all the while still living and engaged to someone else. He said that he and she were “just sharing a house” What a bunch of crap. I met her in June of 2010, (she did not know me, but I knew her) We were in the same cafe in Garner and started a conversation. She was telling me of their plans with the house and that he would be transferring to another location…however he was currently in Wisconsin for his daughters graduation. She also told me that people had been calling and hanging up on her when she answered the phone (I confess that one of those was me) She said that he was always getting cards, letters, emails, anonymous calls and when she asked him about it, she found out later that he had lied to her. Michael and I dated until just recently, Dec 16 2010 to be precise. I found out he is seeing someone else on the side also…Vini somebody. I found this out on facebook. A friend of mine told me about her. So I confronted him with this and he denied it…said that she is just a “friend from work”. What he did not know is, I have called all the numbers I found on his caller ID…she is one of several women. The woman he was engaged to told me her horror story, what he did to her. She gave me some other numbers that had been sent to her…one is a young woman in Maine who is 29 years old and was pregnant with his baby and he dumped her so fast she said it made her sick, then he gave her some money for an abortion…and told her that he still loved her… I spoke with Linda, she said the same thing about him….and his ex-wives, both of them…said the same thing. His only defense is, WE are to blame for his infidelities!!!! What the ????? So if there are any ladies out there who are currently being played by this loser….run while you still can. He is charming, handsome, and can manipulate like no one you will ever meet again. He projects himself as a compassionate, generous, loving, kind, man…and has been used and abused by every woman in his life. He will ask you what is your darkest secret and then tell you his. He plays off of your personality. He likes what you like. You and he will have everything in common, except one…he is a liar. If any of you read this who has experienced this man, you know first hand his trickery, his lies, his manipulation tactics. God help anyone who gets involved with him.

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