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Melissa Lynnette Candelaria

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I just want to let you know what a lying , cheating, unfaithful, Manipulative, whore is , this woman not only took vows to love honor and respect in health and sickness, she took everything that was sacred and did the reverse, she is a cold hearted person that only has one premonition in mind and that is how can I take advantage of this beautiful and kind hearted man , i was taken for my money Insurance benefits and made a fool and mockery of she has to be exposed, I am so sick and tired of good men showing nothing but love and respect and loyalty to an ungrateful piece of garbage, she lives in Sacramento, Ca and she works at the Davis Smile Center in Davis,Ca do not let her front of what you think is kindness fool you, she is a fraud a fake and she will take advantage of you if you let her , she is a Narcissist to the fullest, and she’s trying to reverse everything that I’m exposing about her to me to make me look like I’m the bad guy , I promise you I have proof of her using insurance and then kicking me out of my own apartment right afterwards and having her ex husband in our bed the bed I paid for , I hope karma comes to you soon you piece of shit . Just letting everyone know about this hoe

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