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Melana Smith/Xandrie Smith/Xanadu Smith – Atlanta, GA, USA

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This bitch is known for infecting Atlanta, GA with antibiotic resistant syphilis. We were drunk and while I was only interested that night she fucked up my whole life. I usually eat, but she had a funny smell so I avoided it. In one night I caught strep throat and syphilis from this sick whore. She told me that she was from Brooklyn and that her name was Xanadu, so I hit the web for some research. This bitch goes around telling people she’s a lesbian, but according to people who she knows on facebook, she’s actually bisexual and goes around fucking men! She can be caught hanging around LGBT clubs in Atlanta. She goes there to prey on young, unsus This nasty bitch deserves to DIE!

Melana Smith/Afro Sin Trick/Xan Adu/Xanadu Smith/Xandrie Smith
2041 Gates Ct
McDonough, GA 30253

(646) 801-4369
(404) 426-5071,, |

One thought on “Melana Smith/Xandrie Smith/Xanadu Smith – Atlanta, GA, USA

  1. LOL…none of this is true. Sounds like a loser kind of hater who has never met her. Many people, including myself, know her personally. Melana is a great lady, a hard and smart worker, with a sunny personality and a warm smile for everyone.

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