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Megan Nguyen Dallas, Texas

First Name : Megan
Last Name : Nguyen
Gender : F
Age : 39
City : Dallas
State : TX
Country : US
Phone : (714)369-3258
Alias 1 : Crater face
Alias 2 : Megan Wakefield
Alias 3 : The girl that got fired from Blushington
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website

Rebranded from Megyen beauty, beauti marked by Megan Nguyen failed effort to revamp image. My buddy dated the psycho despite being told to RUN by our friends. In August ‘15 Meg lured him over & called 911 that he tried to break in. Told police she dumped him. He got new girlfriend & meg said she had his things & to come get them. She got psycho, all crying & screaming at him & cut her tire & called 911 & blames him. Police didn’t buy Her lie about him slashing tires. Over the years meg calls 911 probably 100 x to say Kevin is driving by her house, that is one block from major road in Dallas, and 2 blocks from DN tollway. Police never see him. Neither do neighbors. Pretty sure Kevin is too busy having good time with his WIFE. Meg’s psycho actions is why she got fired from Blushington & can’t get but a gig here & there. U can look at meg & tell she ain’t right in her head.

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