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Megan Caranhan, Antwerp, Ohio

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She knew he was had been married a long time, longer then she had been alive, but it didn’t matter. She knew he was old enough to be her dad, but that didn’t matter either. He has children the same age and 5 grandchildren, but none if any this mattered. He was feeling old and this tramp played on that for all it was worth. She would buy him pop rocks and put them on his table. He didn’t have any idea why until the younger guys he worked with explained to him what she wanted to do with these pop rocks. Then she told him how lonely she was and how she hadn’t had sex in 4 1/2 years and she could show him a really good time. Sex on break at work was her specialty. Well now she has him and all his family can do sit and wait for karma to finely find them both.

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