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Matthew John Smith LTD ,Matthew John Limited, First floor Telecom House 125-135 Preston Road Brighton BN1 6AF UK

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I would like to report this mentally sick man called Matthew John Smith from Herne Bay who lives in London in the United Kingdom, who owns Matthew John Smith LTD / Matthew John Smith Limited , First Floor, Telecom House, 125-135 Preston Road, Brighton BN1 6AF , England. It is nothing more than a self employed business name that Matthew Smith uses for working as finance consultant at BNP PARIBAS Investment Partners. He also worked for JP Morgan Chase.
He is a drug addict, alcoholic, thief and lies compulsively. He just doesnt know how to tell the truth! I was with this psycho during 4 years ( worst mistake of my life!).
One day, I found him sucking the dicks of a transgender man , that he met on plentyoffish. That’s how I discovered that he has been cheating for a while with shemales prostitutes and trannies he met online. Matthew John Smith actually goes all the time to the cheap brothels in London.
Dont trust this lying cheating scumbag! He has a prostitutes addiction, and loves chicks with a dicks! Matthew Smith of BNP PARIBAS is such a whore when it comes to getting his ass fucked , he will suck any dicks, all this while promising you anything to appear in love. He is a user and a thief. He has stolen money from me and gave me STDs! He gave me HIV/ AIDS, herpes. He gave it too to this married fat slag Carolina Taylor of Alpari, London who is cheating on her husband with him.
Stay away from this loser and his genital warts!
Matthew John Smith is on every dating sites (Tinder, POF etc..)and is also looking for sex on facebook under the name of Matthew Smith BNP PARIBAS, instagram smithmatt007

His email adress : ,
Matthew John Smith currently works at BNPPARIBAS as OTC derivatives analyst analyst and lives in the area of Clapham/ Brixton

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