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Mary joseph, Nigerian Scammer, Nigeria

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I received the following scam E-mail from a Nigerian scammer:

“Mary joseph []

Hi. How are you doing. I am from Houston Texas,I’m Mixed race family my Mum from Texas, while my Dad is from United kingdom .I am an orphan , My Dad died long time ago and my mum just died June in Crane Sept 15, 2015 at Mecca and the only brother i have is drug addict i can’t locate him Florida,That’s why i am with my uncle that work’s with America company in western part of Africa. I would love to know more about you XXXX.

I am currently on visit with my uncle in Nigeria because i am lonely and my parent died long ago. My uncle was the only brother to my late father. But i always feel lonely and sad here cause i have no friend and my uncle and his wife have been so bad to me and am not happy living with my uncle. I am looking for new man to start a serious relationship and start a new life together. Although i have been into relationship but things didn’t work between us .And you?”

Notice the E-mail says she is currently from Nigeria which is a common occurrence in Nigerian scam E-mails. Also the picture that I include here was included by the scammer as well and more than likely stolen by the scammer from somewhere on the internet.

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