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Marty Buschle Grand Rapids, Michigan

First Name : Marty
Last Name : Buschle
Gender : M
Age : 61
City : Grand Rapids
State : MI
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (616)485-5177
Website 1 : click to view website

Marty is a smooth talker but stay away! He’s been married for forever but his wife is seriously disabled. He uses her disability to get attention and sympathy talking about how he never gets sex. He’s got a whole poor me routine but in reality he sleeps around. He’s had multiple affairs including one that has been going on since before his wife got disabled. He likes them as young as possible and will not hesitate to try to make out or feel you up. It’s crazy that nothing will ever be his fault. If he gets caught cheating it was because the girl is “crazy” and couldn’t resist him. So funny because he is always the aggresser. They sex is always someone else’s fault for sure. Stay away. The guy is psycho!

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