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Martian Feinberg, California

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We were together 9 months and he acted like every woman had done him wrong turns out it was him the whole time, he got me pregnant, I couldn’t carry the baby and the day after I had to go thru with the worst experiences of my life he went out and bought a brand new sports car. I told him it was over 4 weeks but I still love him no matter how much I hurt and I needed his support 5 weeks after I lost his baby he started s******g his sister’s best friend. He even used his sister who passed away in January as an excuse to be with her ,saying he’s needed to spend time with his family but I found out the truth and then she even told me she was s******g him the whole time. We met her at the same time and a week later she was s******g my boyfriend and again 5 weeks after I lost his baby, this man is garbage stay away from him!!

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