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Markos Lawrence Ingraham Eudora,Arkansas U.S.

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Hes so much of a mommas boy at one point I thought he was f****** his momma. Its weird ass f***. A grown ass man who has to be issued out his money from his mom. He dont pay his bills his momma do. She tells him when to come home etc. You can be on a date with him and him and his momma texting or talking the whole damn time.He has a serious gambling problem like when he clock out for work his headed straight for the casino. He’s a child in a grown mans body. He has so many woman he has slept with that he continues to change his phone numbers,profiles,etc. why if you suppose to be in a relationship. He’s been caught so many times. He sleeps with woman from ages 30-56 and he is under 30 just nasty!!!!! He is a compulsive liar to where he has convinced his self that hes telling the truth. He cannot be trusted. He’s selfish and out to get anybody that seems desperate or slow enough to be fooled by his lies. Stay away

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