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Mark Lawler Franklin, Tennessee

First Name : Mark
Last Name : Lawler
Gender : M
Age : 64
City : Franklin
State : TN
Country : US

Mark Walla is a pilot for a major airline. He may be retired now. This man is the worst man to date. He first comes across as sweet, caring and so Into you. But you really is a pathological liar who cheated on his ex wives and girlfriends. While he is dating you he looks for other options. He cannot stop dipping his you-know-what in other waters. When he gets caught he makes you think you are the crazy one! This man is so self-centered. He tries to be Christian but he is anything but. He has been known to be verbally and mentally abusive to his exes and has threatened several of them. This man cannot be alone so if you’re dating him I feel sorry for you. I recommend you stay as far away from this man. Do not date him!

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