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Mark Iannuzzelli, South Carolina

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(843) 742-1051 he is using the name Lawrence on line- the sick ass uses his deceased fathers name. Narcissitic pig qith a low out for this one-he is a wifebeater….he wont fight a male ever..but he has beaT every single girlfriend and at least one prostitute. He lives off of his elderly mother, always has. That motorcycle he has, she bought it. His Toyota truck, mom bought that too along with every other vehicle and bike. He repays her by paying for his prostitutes with Moms money If Marks lips are moving..he is lying. His alcoholism and drug abuse contribute dearly. Hes a great manipulative deveitful cheating bitch with an appetite for sex with under age boys and girls…born in New Jersy. Lived in Santa Cruz ca and longs, south carolina

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