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Mark Dixon, Selby, England

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When I use the word serial its not an exaggeration. This man has had more girlfriends, fiance acutes a wife than most men cheated on majority of them. He cheated on his wife with a girl he ended up having two children with, but got bored of the girl so left her when the baby boy was not even a month old hasn’t seen the youngest two in over a year. Would rather spend his time cleaning his car or playing on the Xbox. He has a way of getting girls to do whatever he wants, calls them princess to make them feel special, but he actually called his last current fiancee that. When hes done with them he just stops talking and moves onto the next, but if the girl speaks out he becomes a nasty bully, who gets his friends fans involved to harrasse the girl by claiming that he either doesn’t know them or that they are lying about him (he did this to ex girlfriends a fiancee). Hes cheating on the current fiancee, this will be no surprise if you know him. He meets girls via truck/car shows social media sites etc (this is how he became involved with my friend, she saw him at a show besides the fact the fiancee was also at show with him discretely got her name and started messaging her on Facebook, eventually she gave in and went to see him when he was on his break. She said that he likes to touch and because of that she was so turned on she ended up sleeping with him has done so every time they have seen each other). The stories he has told my friend so she feels sorry for him are pathetic, says he cant have a picture of just himself up on social media as the current fiancee questions why he has changed it, all his past relationships have failed (never his fault) he was tricked into having his youngest two kids didn’t actually want anymore. He finds it funny that the fiancee hasn’t figured out what hes truly like. Told my friend she is just a dumb blonde, as long as I keep saying nice things to her she wont believe a word people say about me. I delete all messages just encase she sees them. When my friend asked him about his relationship he laughed and said that he had slept with another girl soon after he got with the fiancee also after he got engaged and because the fiancee didn’t find out it isn’t cheating, believes that sending sex messages, touching, kissing and asking for pictures of girls in underwear is fine. He uses the fact he has been on TV to manipulate girls to get what he wants. Even his friends know what hes like.

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