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Mark Daniel Iannuzzelli, California

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Mark is a violent, narcissistic, manipulative, lying p.o.s. When his father died, he purposely arrived late at the airport so he could get a hooker in San Francisco while blaming me for his late arrival. He stayed in New Jersey for 3 months, supposedly helping his mother. If constantly paying for hookers and drugs (actually his mom paid for these things since he hadnt held a job in years) is mourning and ” helping your mom out” then you, Mark, are the best helper there is. How i regret dropping domestic violence charges on you after believing your mother was a ” friend ” when she was faking it just to get the charges on you dropped. Nice work. Who uses the death of a loved one to gain sympathy from people? Mark does. For my birthday, he gave me bruises from shoving me to the ground, pulling me by my hair, kicking me off my bed, literally. Spitting on my face, dumping a beer on my head, and throwing the bottle at me. This didnt happen once or twice. It happened more times than that. Im so glad your lying ugly ass is gone i only wish it wouldve happened years earlier. You brought nothing but toxicity to my life. Everyone is glad you are gone, none more than me. Your shameless ass showed up at my grandmothers funeral just to take her liquid morphine home with you to party with your ugly crackhead whores you were fucking behind my back. You lied about everything and everybody knows it. Your mama has to pay to relocate your ass across the country every time you fuck everything and everybody around you. Karma is gonna get her way with you. And lots of people are gonna love every minute of it. I hope you live another 50 years. You are disgusting and nothing short of a complete monster.

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