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MARIO K WILBORN 192 Harvard St Dorchester Ma

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Words to the Wise, it’s smart, and best to avoid all danger zones when it comes Mario K Wilborn whatever reasons you had for ending the relationship in the first place whatever he had when last you saw him you can bet that he hasnt changed, if he’s clearly hiding them behind a more mature age, smooth talk, or sudden eagerness to commit, and see you again.
You heard that old adage saying once a cheater always a cheater.

This friend of a friend that I know of dated Mario when she was in her thirties then again she was about 36,then again when she was 41 he was sketchier and shadier every tlme she gave him another chance exes are by definition alone is badness exiled, excommunicated, exclude, extradite Do any of these words give you a warm feeling there’s a reason that ex comes before boyfriend and it’s best to leave that relationship in the ground where it belongs and not try to recreate a moment that probably wasn’t all that great to begin with if you’re filling up your calendar with X’s like Mario K Wilborn you’re leaving no room for O’s as in Oh he’s so wonderful so the only EX you should be headed for is the EXIT and quickly.

At the end of the day recycling exes might not be bad for the environment but this Mario K Wilborn is bad for your environment if he didn’t make it past your past he’s certainly not worthy of your future so quit wasting time on what might have been and look ahead to what might be.

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