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Marine Michael Brockelman , MA

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Mike Brockelman, I’ve known Mike for some time now. He drives home several times a year to visit his daughter Thia. We hook up for sex when he’s “home”. I know he’s hooking up with several each time he comes back to MA. I’m married and don’t want to make make waves, by publishing my name. I’m sorry to disappoint, but he will never be with only one woman, but that doesn’t matter to me, the sex is good. So, I’ve been around a few times when his daughter wasn’t in bed yet. You have to understand he’s a sex addict who needs variety. His ex wife has issues with him bringing women around Thia, but he does it anyway. Yes, he lies and he cheats, he’s always up for a good time but that’s all, if you want anything else from him. Forget it. Make sure you use protection. He puts his daughter to bed and then we get busy. Anyway, just telling it like it is. Everyone in town knows what he’s about, he doesn’t fool anyone.

2 thoughts on “Marine Michael Brockelman , MA

  1. Funny, I’m in MA as well. He said he wasn’t meeting any other women while he was here. He comes to my place when Thia goes to sleep. We’ve been doing this for years. He’s as asshole. He can’t love anyone, he’s too in love with himself.

  2. This guy is an absolute scumbag. Trust me stay away from him. He’ll tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to hear don’t fall for it. And the sex is not good.

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