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Mariana Olguin Dallas Texas Mexico

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Mariana Olguin aka Aida Zetina is living in US and using stolen social security number. Police know but they can’t deport her solely on this. This Mariana chick comes across normal at first but gets weird quickly. She has no self-esteem and molds herself to appeal whoever she is trying to manipulate. She has dated a dentist and applied to school to be a dental tech and acted all into her dental hygiene until he got rid of her and she smeared him online. She dated a Rabbi and frequented the synagogue. She dated the son of a Baptist preacher and had him baptize her during Sunday service. Then poof, she’s gone. But Mariana won’t leave without showing her true colors. She was my best friend until she dated my cousin who I set her up with, before I knew how weird and crazy she is. Mariana got clingy and followed him on business trips and nights with the guys. She is very sexual with sadistic tendencies but she doesn’t say it up front. Mariana got mad because my cousin wouldn’t go down on her and she spit in his face and hurled plates and dishes at him in front of his kids. He wouldn’t press charges cuz he is a good guy. He broke up with her tho. And she called up friends and family of his and smeared his name so badly. She made fun of him and his ***** size, said he can’t last, and that she faked ******. She sent revenge **** that he didn’t even know she had. She sent it to his boss and kid’s teacher and many others and posted online too. She even called his employer and showed up but they had police issue criminal trespass warning on her. I’m going to get a copy of the warning and post it along with the time she was called as a defendant on a court show. Mariana always ends up in fights with friends and has ****** off a lot of people in Texas. She is so narcissistic about photos and uses YouCam to edit her pictures to look thinner, better skin, but YouCam can’t cover up the person Mariana is inside. I know others have posted about her and some were mean and called her fat and a *****, but everything else is true. If we ever exposed the real Mariana it would be far worse than anything online so far. Take heed and watch yourself before she ruins your life and reputation with your friends.

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