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Mariana Olguin Dallas Texas dsv

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Mariana Olguin is name she goes by now til she discovered again. Born Aida Mariana Olguin Zetina on 2-8-81 in Mexico she lives in Irving and works at DSV. She followed her ex boyfriend to the USA and uses fake ss number. No sponsorship from DSV. Mariana is evil and uses people to get what she wants then drops them. She went through countless female friends in DFW but Mariana considers herself the victim. She has cycle where she makes a new fry and has them introduce her to their guy friends then she latches on to the guys and infiltrates their lives and becomes friends with his friends, then turns his friends against him. She will drain a guy dry to buy her things. But she still calls her ex from Mexico. Mariana Olguin got into lots of trouble in Mexico and it’s getting that way in DFW. People have figured her out.

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