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Mariana Olguin Dallas Irving Texas Mexico

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Mariana Olguin goes by Aida Zetina and lives in Dallas. She came to US with stolen social security number to escape her bad rep in Mexico. Mariana is known for constantly reinventing herself to appease whoever her latest victim is. She molds herself to be what they want. Like if the guy is in to sports, she’ll buy a pink jersey with his favorite players number and tag along to sport events. If a guy likes craft beer then she becomes an expert on it. Aida Mariana Olguin Zetina has done this countless times. She throws herself into your life and becomes friends with all of your friends. She goes overboard making your friends like her. But the second you don’t give in to Mariana, she goes off the deep end. She posts guys on here and thinks we don’t know it’s her. She will throw objects across the room if she doesn’t get her way. I couldn’t afford to buy her a new car and she threw her keys at me and busted up my iPad. She shattered my phone so I couldn’t call police on her. She chased me with a kitchen knife. Then five minutes later she was laughing and smiling and in a good mood. No one can get rid of this chick. She cozied up to my friends and I lost many good friends because Mariana turned them against me. This happened in 2015 and I’m still finding out stuff she did behind my back. If she don’t watch it, she’ll be in trouble for her stolen social security numbers. Mariana stay away from me. It is over. Stop putting me online and calling me. And others, stay away from Mariana if you value your reputation and money

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