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Mariana Olguin

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Mariana Olguin dob 2/8/81 in Mexico lives in Dallas Texas area. She is known by many for her manipulation of men and her violent nature. She is every dude’s worst nightmare. She starts off good and normal. Then she cozies up to your family and friends and starts asking you for money. She starts leaving items at your house, calling constantly, and pressing for marriage. Basically Mariana goes batshit crazy. She throws things across the room when she doesn’t get her way. She invited herself on one of my business trips, and threw a coffee maker and it hit me in the head, all because I wouldn’t have doggy style sex with her at 2am on a work night. But then my friends call me up and ask why I’m being so mean to Mariana. Here she had turned several good friends against me due to her lies. You won’t believe it until it happens to you. And it will. came across text messages on her phone saying how she basically wants a sugar daddy and mentioned various people I could introduce her to in the Dallas social scene to advance her social status. Mariana crosses everyone eventually. Anyone who is around her can see how she always has drama with other females and can’t keep friends very long. Two of her former friends called me and apologized for what they did to me that Mariana put them up to. Her social security number is stolen one as confirmed by police but they can’t deport her solely on that. These are the facts folks. Deal with Aida Mariana Olguin Zetina at your own risk.

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  1. She got me and Eric Fairrell too. Mariana is a phony and a violent thief. Her and her little friend Marina Torazan from DSV think they hot stuff because they use a photo editing app on the phone to make their skin look smoother and Marina’s teeth to not look so jacked up. They overdo it and turn the smoothness up too high and look horrible like their latest instagram post @mahtorazan Stupid Mariana cropped it and made it her Facebook photo. No one has skin that smooth in real life but they are too dumb and crazy to think people won’t catch on

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