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Maria Castillo, Tampa, Florida

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This old ugly pig, slept with my husband knowing he was married with small kids. The pig is also married with a daughter of her own. She worked with my husband at Sony and now works for Marketsource. This all happened while she worked at Marketsource and the man pig does not use protection, so other ladies before you will definitely catch something! She also likes to send nude selfies which I have all of them and she will do your man on the first night of meeting him, her price is just a dinner and some drinks with possibly a few VIP admissions. She had worked with my husband and had gone out to dinner in Vegas by the time the dinner and dancing was over she had already performed oral s*x on my husband and then crashed in his room. She then slept with him 2 days later again no protection! PIG. She then met up with him again in Austin Texas and once again slept with him yet again. I know it always takes 2 to tango and no one put a gun to either parties head and forced them to commit such a vial act but as a woman and a mother herself, you would think she would have some self respect. All I can say is Karma and she will eventually get hers!

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