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Margaret Peggy Ann Flanagan Des Moines, IA US

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Peggy is a serial cheater and addicted to excitement, deceit and feeling superior by sleeping with anyone who will feed herr sociapathic appetitie. She will nslip away during the day and have sex in cars or in someone elses friend, co-worker, neighbor or relative’s house right under their nose. She likes rough controlling sex and sustains bruises, sprains and torn ligaments undertaking her compulsive behavior. She is a child care worker and pretends to be a wholesome, mother and caring freind. All for show to get her next fix of supply to feed her evil nature. There is plenty of audio, video, text and email archives to publically out her, She has no shame or remorse so it wont faze her other than she will be forcd to move to a new hunting ground.

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