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Margaret Kanida Palmdale, California

First Name : Margaret
Last Name : Kanida
Gender : F
Age : 40
City : Palmdale
State : CA
Country : US
Email :
Alias 1 : Jose Chirivella

This man and I were to marry. I moved from the city I was living in and transported all my belongings including my horse. He convinced me that he was kind and understanding. He was a long time friend who had supported me through a dismal breakup and we had reconnected via fb. I had drove into Los Angeles many times over 2yrs to visit him, and got to know his parents etc. He was so complimentary and considerate. Until 3mos after living with him I found out he had relationships with other women who thought they were his gf also. Ofcourse I dumped him only to have a 4th woman contact me and ask how I could have cheated and destroy Jose. Apparently his new pick up method was to lie to woman about his ex fiance(me) and tell them I was a cheating manipulative whore. It is now 4 year post break up and I still cant go on fb because he stalks me.

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