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Marcy Tatko, Depew, New York

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Keep your husbands locked up, this one Marcy Tatko cannot have a relationship with anyone unless they are married. She was engaged to my husband 20 years ago and then decided to leave him for another woman, 20 years later she decided to get him back. We were together for 17 years when this happened. We are now back together and trying to save our marriage. I wanted nothing to do with her or even give her another thought but SHE decided to send me an email about their relationship. I also found out that my husband is not the only husband she is sleeping with.

4 thoughts on “Marcy Tatko, Depew, New York

  1. She has been cheating for years…that is why her and Marcia are no longer together. Cheated on her with a married man then went men. You cant trust a word she says…she has cheated on everyone she has ever been with.

  2. Cheater…yes for sure. Marcy has had an ongoing affair with a married politician for quite some years now. According to her she has been waiting for him to leave his wife and children her whole life. I believe it time for everyone to see her for who she really is. Her “friends” think she is a kind and sweet person but if you only really knew the real Marcy you would be shocked.

    1. I hear that…all she does is complain about people. Shes not a very happy surprised anyone even wanted to be with her.

  3. She may have lost 24 pounds recently but she is still a fat ass cheater. And she looks nothiing like her pictures…permafrown and fat. She can do all the weight loss challanges she wants but it wont change whats inside…she is a dark unhappy person who dosent deserve happiness.

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