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Marcelo Muniz Atlanta, Georgia

First Name : Marcelo
Last Name : Muniz
Gender : M
Age : 47
City : Atlanta
State : GA
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (470)553-7070
Alias 1 : Mark Loya
Alias 2 : Mark Minon
Alias 3 : Marcelo Liola Muniz
Website 1 : click to view website

This man will steal cheat and do anything to ruin your reputation and life to escape being deported- he is a corrupt person that feeds off of othet peoplea luxuries. He is a house boy who travels and does homemade p**n unknown to u in his bedroom that is linked to his bosses home – child pyschologist dr mark long- of midtown atlanta and affiliated with cirque de sol – dont be persuaded by thia drug pushing duo they are dangerous and hope this brazilian nightmare to everyone who has dated him is thrown out of here soon and put under thw jail for his troubles he has caused many that ever was in his herpes infected a*s-. Disgusting person and couldnt be happier without him and his stalking . He is a predator and dangerous.

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