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Marc Neufeld Prince George or Kelowna, BC Canada

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Marc Neufeld approached me about marrying him in 2002 and 2003 because he wanted to inherit a trust fund from his mother. His mother has power-of-attorney over his trust fund from his grandmother. He was left 1.5 million US from her. His mother refused to let him have the trust fund at age 18, 21, and 24. He demanded that I marry him and have four to six children, as his mother required him to produce at least four children. She stated that two of them had to be male heirs. She told Marc, “You will not get access to your trust fund until you shape up. Now that you are 24, I expect you to settle down, get married, and you must marry a Jewish woman. You are not serious about the direction of your life. I expect you return to the business, work for me, and take business courses. I expect you to join the military or else, you will never get this trust fund.”

Basically, Marc’s mother baited him with his money in order to force him to meet her standards. She has always maintained strict control over her family. Five out of six of her children work or have worked for Big Lake Ranch and Day Camp as well as Neufeld Contracting. Marc was forced out of the family and banned from Prince George. His old friends and all his family members including his siblings and fathers are not allowed to speak to him, call him, see him or write to him. Only his mother, Deborah Neufeld, stays in contact with him.

When Marc was 21, he told his mother that he was not interested in taking the college courses she demanded, taking care of a ranch, or working for the family businesses. She banished him from the household, cut off his inheritance, and told him to leave the family and city. She has effectively banned him from returning to Prince George, an since 2001, he has lived in Canmore and now Kelowna. He has never seen his father or siblings since.

His mother Debbie removed him from profit-sharing and refused to fund his education for cooking school or English Literature at the college, though she paid for all her other children’s education. She also removed him from the will. His mother has informed him that she will not stand for him marrying a non-Jewish woman and refuses to meet any girlfriend, wife, or fiancee of his who is not Jewish. She demands that he return to his religion, Orthodox Judaism, marry a Jewish woman, have four to six children, produce at least two male heirs, take approved courses at college, live on the ranch, take care of the ranch, and join the military as well as work for the family business before she will allow him to speak to his father or siblings, return to Prince George, or receive his own trust fund. I believe that Marc then hatched up a plan to marry anyone he could find and have kids in order to gain access to his trust fund. He has attempted this scenario with at least two girlfriends. I believe that if he ever succeeds, he will abandon his family and wife as soon as he gets access to his trust fund, clear it out, and leave the country for Tahiti.

He has attempted this scenario with myself as well as his current girlfriend. His mother still supports him with $30,000 to $60,000 in money a year, and has bought him a condo in Kelowna as well as two minivans, one of which is a BMW. He works minimum wage jobs (Sobeys in Canmore, A&W in Canmore, Taco Bell in West Kelowna, Papa John’s Pizza Delivery in Kelowna), and lives by himself. His current girlfriend refuses to move in with him, meet his mother, or marry him. They have been dating seven years. Most women are demanding marriage in these situations by two or three years and she refuses to even consider the matter.

Marc tried to convince me to marry hi after two months of dating in order to please his mother. He was very clear on this matter. He wanted me to produce four to six heirs (what he called his future children and his admitted only motivation for wanting kids), of which two were male, to please his mother. He also insisted that family lineage to receive inheritance and carry on the family name were his main interests. He also knew nothing about raising children or housekeeping. He told me that I would have to convert to Judaism to win his mother over and could not marry him without a conversion to Orthodox Judaism. He was not a practicing Jew himself and is indifferent about religion. I never agreed to these terms, he just carried on about them with the assumption I would follow through. He also told me that I would go to work at his mother’s business and take care of the ranch while he quit work and claimed he would pursue writing in his spare time. He told me that I would have to work until profit-sharing kicked in and the family was finished. He then claimed that if his books were successful, then I could stop working. He told me that we would have to live with his mother on their property on the ranch. All of this was planned without my consent or input, and I was not asked to marry Marc. He told me that we were going to get married according to his plans and that was his intention.

Marc also never showed any sexual or romantic interest in me, which is the normal course of relationships. I do not believe this was his supposed gentlemanly tendencies or chivalry. I do not date sexually or romantically indifferent types, including men so old-fashioned they will not touch a woman after weeks and months. I have had an active sex life with all of my boyfriends and my ex-husband. He did not even bother to ask me if I had ever been married, or anything else about my past. I believe he decided I was a suitable and willing candidate for his plans. He also talked about leaving to live in Tahiti if he had the chance. Tahiti is a good place to hide money and is affordable with $1.5 million US (about $2 million Canadian in 2002, a lot more now). He also never paid for me at all when we went out and I had to pay for him. He only paid for himself once. I am not a demanding person: there were never any flowers, kisses, poetry, dances, perfume, gifts, notes, or any other signs of romantic or sexual interest. He never kissed me, touched me, or attempted to have sex. He also never complimented me or flirted with me. I believe he was not attracted to me.

Marc is someone who uses women as a means to an end. He lives off his mother’s money and she is the root cause of the problem. He warned me if I met her, she would probably reject me and be a yelling, harshly critical mess. He still wanted me to meet her and win her over, though I was not Jewish. He probably decided I was tolerable, the right age, and willing. He was not even aware that I had serious doubts I wanted a family at all, and that one of the reasons I married my first husband was because I did not want children very much. He just assumed he could push me to push his plans through. I have been to his apartment 2002 to 2004 and he had four expensive Apple computers, new furniture, tons of expensive cookware from Kitchen-Aid, Cuisinart, and Vitamix, three collector guitars from Rickenbacker, two expensive mountain bikes, new designer clothes, and a $6000 drum set bought brand new in Calgary. The cookware was never used as he cooked in an old black skillet but was on display on two new white shelves put in for him. His mother paid to renovate the apartment and put in new tile floors, windows, bathroom, kitchen, shelves, painted walls, and bed. Marc does not play instruments and viewed them as entertaining collector items, along with his ten $1000 or more Samurai knives custom-designed and imported from Japan. His hobbies are writing, cooking, biking, and collecting swords, not music. He admitted the guitars would sell over $10000 to $30000 each. All of this was provided by his mother who is the only relative who visits him.

Marc is best avoided and if you live in Prince George, Kelowna, Westbank, or Canmore, it is best to stay away from him. He harassed me for two months after I dropped him and refused to take me seriously, mostly because he had spent a lot of time hatching up his plan, which he admitted to in detail.

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