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Malachi Troupe, Kissimmee Florida, Orlando Florida, 01/10/1981

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I went on the first date and it was AMAZING! He said all the right things, bought food for my children without me knowing! So a second date happened. at this point he claimed he was in love with me and stated God told him I will be his wife. I asked him to slow down and he did, WAY DOWN. He started calling me “friend” just to get under my skin… We discussed “us” and started trying to get back into dating, SLOWLY. after this not working for the third time and about three months along, I broke it off, COMPLETELY. All of a sudden my tires are being slashed. Not one, but three of them. the following week all four of my tires are slashed. Ladies, please be aware of this man. He will try and charm you by buying you gifts and saying he loves you, but RUN and run fast! He has mommy issues and wants commitment immediately. If you ask him to slow down he gets angry. He is clean,well kept, owns his own house, drives a nice car, owns his own business, but is completely crazy and short tempered. Do not let him know where you live!

17 thoughts on “Malachi Troupe, Kissimmee Florida, Orlando Florida, 01/10/1981

  1. This post was made by a person that is friends of mine. This post was not done by either party that was involved. A friend that was not fully aware of a situating and ran with the information he or she was given. After being directed to this site I had to clear things up. Malachi did not slash anyone’s tires. especially mine. Malachi is a great guy and wouldn’t cause anyone harm. The original post is not a reflection of my thoughts or views of Malachi. After going through some stuff and venting to a friend, the person decided to take it upon themselves and post negative and false information about Malachi. I am completely furious this person would betray my trust and do this. Please know Malachi is an amazing guy, caring and loving. He didn’t deserve this and I regret telling my personal business to a so called friend. Malachi is a good business man and a caring persona. He is all about family and wouldn’t cause hardship or trouble. Malachi would give the shirt off his back without hesitation.

          1. Are you currently dating this man if you are be aware he’s not someone you want to get serious with.

          2. Wow, have you been dating him? I have too smh & this post seems like it’s VERY accurate. I think “Melissa’s” comment is very false.

  2. Stay away from this man he has nothing to offer and will sweet talk you into doing the craziest things to help him out. He has family issues and he’s extremely abusive

  3. I was dating Malachi for several months and was contacted by a few people trying to destroy our relationship with lies. I also came on this site to get information but quickly realized it was not a good idea because I now know that people can fabricate stories to be hurtful. Although we’ve had some bumps in the road and are no longer together we are still friends. Malachi is a great guy and would do anything for his friends and family. All you people on here really need to stop causing drama in his life.

  4. This site has caused way too much drama. Don’t judge a person by what you read on the Internet because lies are always spread by bitter ex-girlfriends. Everyone has done things in their past that they’re not proud of so everyone just needs to leave the past in the past and let him move on with his life.

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