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Lynn Lin (Kimmy Kim Mi) Toronto Hamilton Guelph Canada UTSC

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I met Lynn Lin or how she likes to be called Kimmy Kim Mi on Tinder. She is a k-pop wannabee who failed in actual auditions in Korea LOL. We got together and soon after, she cheated on me multiple times with many different guys like the slut she is. She got a degree in accounting that she probably won’t even be able to use LMAO. She’s a constant flirt and will whore herself to anyone with a penis attached between his legs. She often talks about how she’s different from everyone else and how she’s a special snowflake. Her work ethic is atrocious. When doing group projects with her in high school and university, she gave really dumb ideas. REal quote from her: “Why can’t we just change the beginning numbers on the balance sheet to make it match?” If you’re in accounting or have any basic idea of work ethics, you’ll know this is a bad idea. She puts on an innocent air, but MARK MY WORDS, she is a slut that cannot keep her legs closed.

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