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Lyle Bennett Lowery, Mansfield Texas, United States

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Porm addiction. Views porn for several hours every day. Collectively it’s enough hours as a part-time job. He views it in his car, at work, and continuously at home. He shows signs of withdrawal. He will become agitated with a short fuse and argumentative behavior. He has a mild case of erectile dysfunction. He trolls women on Facebook and other social networks during and after watching porn.
He has no friends and is withdrawn and distant from his family. He is 39 years old and for his age he’s not at all well-rounded with little life experience. He made very little effort freeing up time for the relationship. The small amount of time he did give, he would ask for gas money if he had to drive me home. He has only had one serious relationship with a married woman that lasted 5 years. He has substance abuse and on average spends about $300 every month on drugs. He has a multitude of health problems that could possibly be fabricated health problems. He frequently complains about back pain and headaches. He justifies his drug use as self-medicating his health and has never sought out professional help. He does not know how to tip wait staff, giving as little as 5% for his service. There is probably a lot more that I’m forgetting to mention but I believe I lifted enough red flags as is.

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