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Luisa Ann Herbert Berry, Greenville, South Carolina

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Luisa Ann Herbert Berry of South Carolina, Florida, Arizona and many more….

When she says she doesn’t give a f***, she means it! She doesn’t care about you, your relationship, or herself. She’s a sad ridiculous person looking for attention in any way she can get it. I felt sorry for her and her boys until I realized she was just scamming me like she has scammed so many others.

Let me give you a heads up about this girl, she is good at using the little she has to play on other people’s emotions for a while until you find out the truth: you have been robbed of anything she thinks is valuable, cheated on with anyone who might be able to provide more for her, and (almost) suckered into adopting her kids so you take over caring for them!

Narcissist is only the half of it! Be aware of this pathetic loser and sorry excuse of a woman. She has nothing but lies and fake resumes to get her thru her pathetic life!

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