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Lori Gonzalez

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This Home wrecker from weslaco Texas in Hawaii not only destroyed a family with young kids with disabilities by pursuing and seducing and continuously sleeping with their father but once he lost everything and the family was destroyed and broken she was able to just move on in life with no guilt shame or feeling of loss because she lost nothing… she got to keep her job and move on to sleeping with the next guy and even sleep her way into a different job… she gets to use her work at the fairmont orchid resort as her hunting ground for trapping persuing and seducing weak men then trying to turn them against their families. She knowingly destroyed a family and because she got away with it she has no problem doing it again. Instead of having any moral values or respect for anyone and instead of doing the right thing and ending the affair she started she kept sleeping with the man. Bringing gonnarea to the family and young kids Lori Gonzalez is a discusting excuse for a woman and is a Disgrace to her family, anyone who shares her name and to Texas.

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