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Lisa Ann Ursini, Santa Cruz, CA. USA

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I’m almost embarrassed to put this out there but it may help another guy. It started when she would receive texts all through the night but always said it was work. She always started fights with me about nonsense just to get out of the house. One day she said her friends boyfriend was gonna start working where Lisa does. Next thing I know she is staying late all the time so I started driving past her work on the nights shed stay late. So this one night I drive by and guess who is getting drilled in her car, yes Lisa of course. I hurried home and asked how her day was she told me it was fine, I said it looked like it and confronted her. Of course little miss liar denied all of it and I moved out last I heard she is doing five different guys around Santa Cruz, CA. While she waits for her ex to get out of prison. Sad part is she put him there

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