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Lester Johnson, Phoenix, Arizona

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Personal Trainer that trains kids and adults. Tells women he is separated from his wife or fails to mention he is married. He is from Detroit been married for 14 years and that’s where his wife lives. Talks to multiple women all over the US via hookup websites,,, Facebook. Hits on kids he trains moms. Uses women for money. Broke, no car and always uses the excuse he is waiting on getting paid from a client for not having money. Has cheated in his wife with several women and even had a baby with one. Moves around lived with another woman in Texas told his wife lived with a guy friend. Very smooth with his lies and convincing women he doesn’t want to be married. Watch out though he is very possessive and controlling. Sociopath on the lose.

3 thoughts on “Lester Johnson, Phoenix, Arizona

  1. oh i forgot he broke into my apartment too
    crazy how the memories come back
    he is the guy your mother warns you about
    embarrassed to admit this
    no job
    no car
    always an excuse
    professes love immediately
    stay away
    I hear he trains children. If i had kids, i would never let them near this kind of guy

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