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Len Pasquale, Hookstown, Pennsylvania

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Len Pasquale was married for 20 years. Little did his wife know he was sleeping with anything that moved. He was on a business trip for KTA-TATOR Inc. when he met Migdalia Marciella King Navarra. It was love at first blow job. Migdalia lived in the projects of Chicago. Pasquale lived on 70 acres of rolling green pastures in the small farming community of Hookstown, PA. The two set out to destroy his wife so he didn’t have to pay her in the divorce. During the divorce the wife found out Len Pasquale Molested his teen daughter. Len set out to further destroy the Mother of his daughter for trying to expose this insidious a hole. He acts like the boy next door. Claims to be a Christian. He brings this woman and her sons to church like his other family never existed. Watch out. His charms only go skin deep. This man is a woman abuser and child molester. Karma can’t come soon enough.

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