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Leefield Sellasie Amanor

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this “man” has two children (supposedly only two). One is 18 months and one has yet to be born and is DUE IN FEBRUARY! This dude is a pathological liar and fits the mold of a narcissistic sociopath. He was caught cheating for the umpteenth time, was kicked out, ran out of the state away from his toddler son, and returns to the state when his side chick allowed him back. Mind you, he is not helping with the rent and bills associated to this place WITH HIS NAME ON IT!!! Now he is driving around in her car and staying in her house with her kids! He has seen his child once during this whole debacle! He ignores information about his unborn child! He is abusive in every way. He is a leech and will use whoever allows him to. He is a deadbeat in quick progress following the steps of his sperm bank father!!!! His family are deadbeats too and have yet to check up on the babies!!!!

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