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Lee Murray

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I need to let the whole world know that this so called man has some major issues!!! After only 4 yrs of marriage he decide to tell me that he is not happy and hasn’t been for quite some time. NOOOOO that’s not it he has found someone else!!! Well I am her to tell you that I have caught him b4 talking to other woman girls whatever or whoever they are. I forgave him (HUGE MISTAKE) well he Is dirty and does not shower on a regular he is 52 and he is a creature of habit I have NOT been happy for quite a while but I just learned to Co-exsist w/ him. I have a good reason “why” I stayed. enough bout me. Oh and I don’t have sex w/him its not worth me getting sick and throwing up in my mouth..LMAO He was different when we met, he was really nice and pursued me now looking back, it was STALKING!!! Then come to find out after we got married that he has bi-polar depression, severe credit issues, hygiene problems only showers maybe once a week only brushes his teeth when he showers. ewwwww oh he is a good provider and has benefits (1 and only good thing) Well I just have a few more words WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING FROM LEE MURRAY!!!!

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