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Leann Rocchio, Steubenville, Ohio

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Leann rocchio is HOMEWRECKING WHORE! Lemme clarify what I mean by this, me and the father of my child were doing by all means great we just had a baby together we were engaged. And everything seemed perfect! Until this MARRIED WHORE started coming around my fiance… First her husband went to jail, then after knowing that Tyler my fiance was clearly in a happy relationship with the beautiful mother of his child, she decided that she was going to sell all of her husband’s stuff to buy CRACK for the father of my child to con him into relapsing and sleeping with her. So not only did he relapse but he chose to stay with her and the drugs that she continues to supply him with. And had not seen me or his child since Easter of this year! I hate her! I will forever hate her, she took the family that I had and destroyed it. Not only did she destroy My family but she took my son’s father away from him. That is most disgusting shit I’ve ever encountered. To let the father of my child walk away from not only his family but his child is WRONG. Mind you I am 23 years old, the father of my child is 24. And this MARRIED homewrecking whore is 36 years old! Grow the fuck up and stay off the drugs seriously! How could somebody in their right mind find it okay to sleep with someone who has a fiance and an almost newborn baby at the time waiting at home for them every night. I believe in karma. And it will happen.

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