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LaVern Bentley

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I thought I found a real good man. We had met on POF, Plenty of Fish. We also were intimate right away. I fell in love with him and told him so. I wanted to see where his head was at because he claimed he couldn’t delete his POF profile then the second excuse he had his profile on POF was just in case I left him. I thought, no biggie, I trust him. What a fool I was. I created a fake profile and messaged him asking him if he was dating anyone special at the moment. He responded to the fake profile and said no. I almost had my girlfriend call him and talk with him on the phone while I was listening but I was so angry, hurt and upset because we were intimate the day before. He claims to be a Christian man too. Shame on this CHEATER! He’s been BUSTED! So gals on POF, watch this scum bag cheater!

2 thoughts on “LaVern Bentley

  1. Wow! What an idiot! How can a man do that? I bet when he was busted he probably claimed he knew it was you. Men! So predictable thinking with their little brains and in some cases, lack there of too! Hahaha! You’re better off without and there will be someone worthy and special too. Thanks for posting because I am currently on POF too. I’ll look his name up and stay way away from him. Sorry you had to go through this but good thing you found out what he was like and people who claim to be Christians are the worst kind. He was a Wolf in sheeps clothing for sure.

  2. How sad for you. Thinking muscles equals manhood. Shame om you. You are the type of woman who thinks about the body not about the brain of a man it seems. If he is shirtless in this pic it says he has no decency but he is is a simply a player-all men can tell you that. A real man would promote himself to be ordinary and nothing special and who wants to be genuine and shows it. Next time think-an ordinary man without a muscular build might be better than a man with a muscular build and no maturity.

    And goes for you “Brandy” too as well.

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