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Laust Vandborg Aalborg , –

First Name : Laust
Last Name : Vandborg
Gender : M
Age : 22
City : Aalborg
State : -
Country : DK
Email :

Don’t date him and don’t make the mistake of marrying him! He will physically abuse you for years, as well as mentally, he will cheat on you with escorts and will be on dating apps throughout your entire relationship, he will lie to everyone and tell people you’re the crazy one. He will also turn everyone against you and make them hate you when they barely know you. He will make everything your fault and you’ll be manipulated to stay with him as he will destroy your confidence and self-esteem. He will also share your private nudes with strangers, he will pay cam girls to do things for him when you’re away at uni or at work, he will try and get escorts to come to your apartment before you finish work or uni and while you do a study program abroad he will put up your flat on craigslist to get people to come and have sex with him there. He will also accuse you of being distant, cheating and not loving him, he will dislike every male friend you have, but you’re not allowed to question his friendships. He will also create fake accounts on dating sites where he complains about you. He will have you chase him all over town after he beats you to the point where you start covering bruises and get concussions. He will have you lie to the police, to your family to everyone, because he promises to change and stop. He never gets help and lies to everyone and makes you the evil bad guy.

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