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Laura Schneider in Sacramento California

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Laura Schneider in Sacramento California who works at Cisco Systems is your typical textbook definition of a vile home wrecker. Laura Schneider has ruined so many marriages that even she has lost count! Laura Schneider’s own marriage to her cheating hubby has been dead for ages now. Laura Schneider goes to the gym and meets all these married men and entices them into a sexual relationship just for thrills. Laura Schneider is 69 years old yet she constantly uses botox treatment which she bills to her employer Cisco Systems. She also steals money from anyone and everyone including her employer. Laura Schneider is a threat to good relationships and marriages everywhere!

3 thoughts on “Laura Schneider in Sacramento California

  1. lol – you need to get a job..,oh wait, you can’t, so you post garbage about the recruiters for the companies that won’t hire you. Seriously, get a life.

  2. I thought hiring decisions were made my hiring managers – not recruiter. Didn’t Cisco just lay off 20,000 employees? Cisco is a company that lays off employees every year… I can see why people are disgruntled about Cisco. what a joke…

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