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Laura Martinez, Dallas, Texas

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Laura Martinez is a dirty homewrecker. A jealous, sneaky, pathetic, selfish, desperelate HOE with low self esteem and no self respect! Who can’t get their own man, & gets joy off of ruining other people’s lives. Ps; Behind every homewrecker is a mother who failed to teach her daughter basic manners, respect & the right amount of decency. For 10 years not only has she been with same man who has a family but got pregnant of him thinking she’ll move up from prostitute to wife. A year after the child was born she realized she was going to remain la zorra so she continues to harass the children,the wife and les hace brujerias, continues to stalk them; but jokes on her bc she gets her ass beat every time . If you see this woman be sure to point out to trash bc that’s where she belongs.

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