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Laura Crotteau, Indianapolis, Indiana

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My husband and I have been together for ten years. We have been married four and a half years. We have been through everything you can possibly imagine, including burying our first born child together. We currently have two more beautiful children and one on the way! About mid November 2014, my husband began coming home later than normal. He would go to the bar with “friends” after work. On November 28, 2014, he calls me and tells me he’s going to take some money out of the ATM so he would have money until his next pay day, and he was going to help his boss at another location, but he was leaving his phone in his truck. First of all, his boss was out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday. I have it a few hours, and I went to a known bar where he had been going the past couple of weeks. There he was with LAURA CROTTEAU. She is a co worker of my husbands who had just began working there in either September or October. She was currently dating someone residing in another state at the time until I contacted him that night. Since then, I have caught them once more, and he has admitted to being with her only one other time. I’m assuming that one other time is when he was suppose to go with me to my annual Christmas party, but he instead went over an hour away to Bloomington, and before coming home, my sprint family locator located him at her house for at least 30 minutes. Thanks to this home wrecking whore, I’ve kicked my husband out of the house. He now turns his phone off after work knowing we have small children at home. Laura Crotteau needs to leave my husband alone and find her own man!

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