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Larry Luckey, San Antonio, Texas

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He has cheated on his wife and kids for years, laughing everytime he was caught. He is a sociopath. He will tell you are the only one and tell you everything you want to hear. He has burned bridges with friends and family members, to include his own sister. He is currently dating two women at the same time. One of th knows he is cheating on her, yet she stays with him. He smooth talks these women. He lies about his education ( no degree at all), his income ( his house is under foreclosure), and the reason he divorced ( always says it was a mutual thing). He is divorced because he is a cheater, beater, verbal abuser. He is also addicted to porn. He would do thing like ejaculate on his wife while she was sleeping. She is so happy now. She told me all of these things. I listened to her throughout her years of suffering. The saddest part of the whole story is the pain he has caused his children. He acts as if they should just get over it. Rather than admit his faults, he becomes angry when he is called out on them.

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