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Landis Cranford, Knoxville, Tennessee

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Landis Cranford is a complete asshole. He fucks around on his longterm girlfriend, and sends flirtatious messages along with videos and pictures of himself masturbating to other girls. Do not be fooled, he may pretend to be a nice person but he is a narcissist, a liar, and a cheater. He is so full of himself to think that he can get away with flirting and fucking around on his gf, but guess what Landis, your actions have consequences. You have been exposed, bitch!


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One thought on “Landis Cranford, Knoxville, Tennessee

  1. That reminds me of my ex-friend, Andre Jae Canepa, who’s similar in personality as well. He had a history of sending his panty shots and dick pics to other ladies electronically (to look for “some”) even though he already has a girlfriend. She’s so retarded to the point that she can’t see the truth even when it hits her in the face. That’s how she is being blindly in love with him and is real dense about things. She tries so hard to defend him against me even though I have proof about his true nature for others to see him as a real scumbag. Also, she’s talked herself into believing him to be an angel and the innocent one (based on the BS that he made up and exaggerated about me) and is in denial of him ever doing anything wrong…when I sent her proof of him sending me his horrible white panty shot. I’m pretty sure it was Andre who sent me that picture since he’s the only person I know living in Grass Valley, CA, who has my number listed under his contacts.

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