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Lance W Kelley, Kansas City MO

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Lance Kelley is smooth; a handsome, red-haired, blue-eyed massage therapist and father who will woo you with sweet words and cute pics of him and his kids. He plans romantic dates and talks a good game. But he is also a bedroom porn addict and (paradoxically) a conservative, judgmental Christian. If you’re able to deal with the paradox above, he will be happy until his Southern Baptist guilt kicks in. Then you will wake up to a text message breaking up with you because “he needs someone with whom he has more in common than just the bedroom”. This four-time divorced man is not worth the heartache, ladies. Just like the musician he admires (Elvis),he is a heartbreaker and hypocrite who can’t resolve his good girl /bad girl issues. He left me because “he hasn’t been single long and wants to see what else is out there”. Don’t let it be you or you will get a wee hours breakup text too!

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