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Lance Abendroth

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Richard “Lance” Abendroth, Buffalo, TEXAS just “WOMEN TO WOMEN”…. Get ready to be ruined by him! He will be the most loving person in the world and tells you how much he LOVEs you… 21 years still dragging me along with his words….It might be some what true… But a true man that Suppose to Love You… Does not fuck over every RELATIONSHIP he has ever been in…I have know him for 21 years, have one of 4 of his kids with 4 different moms, I know of Him having had 10+ women..that he has hurt… Alot of them multiple times… He LOVES to try out his ex’s multiple times. Me 6x, I try to see if he has changed… For my daughter… But he cant even show true Love to his daughter… For the past 18 years.. But he has a younger daughter that he bust ass for… Which is awesome! But that daughter doesnt have a clue yet what he does to Women that love him…
sad for him to just keep doing it over and over to people he SUPPOSEDLY loves…
He cant just come out and say he is cheating…he clams up… Even if you ask.. He will start avoiding calls… He will sleep with his phone… He will take forever in the bathroom… Puts names in contact weird… One time he was talking to 3 women at one time… He is fucking good at what he does… Just keep asking him questions about his ex’s…. He will beat around the Bush and try and change the subject…. He just starting going to a cowboy church… Just hope he goes to really get help from the man above… And not to just find a women again to hurt!!! Everyone treats him like a KING and he Makes you feel so wanted… But he will hurt your heart…. He was married 2007 to Mar 2015…. He is dragging out the divorse… 2007-2011 he was still wanting to see me… And I had to stop… Me feeling guilty that I saw him more then my daughter was not cool and he didnt care… If he ever calls and wants me to meet up.. It will be his daughter…. Showing up at his hotel door… But he has a hard time facing his daughter because she cant stand the man… Anymore… She is the one that caught him in action on his phoneOct 30, 2016.. And got to see what her mom has said all along… What kind of a great guy he can be… But can not TRUST him… I BELIEVE the only way Lance Abendroth will ever be HAPPY is if he can have 5 wives at one time or have 3+ sums…. He is just to wishy washy!! But went to his daughter and asked her if he got a divorce.. Whould your mom take me back… She cried on his shoulder and told him she would love to have her dad back… But he never worried about bonding with her…. Please look me up on Facebook.. I dont mind informing you with more about this one time loving man that he can be… But once a cheater, always will be a cheater! He says he is tired of being alone… But could not wait 6 months until I got our daughter graduated and show animals out of the barn… Until we could move in with him… But says he doesnt have money to visit his daughter…. Yes 4 hrs away… But has had excuses of not having money… But we lived one county over at one time… That was the excuse… He was always on the road… Didn’t feel like driving… So so so many excuses… But he has a house, land, bad ass rodeo rig, multiple vehicles.. But could not provide help on his daughters well being… He is so selfish!!!! But in his daughters eyes… He doesnt care to try and be there for her.. Her last 6 months of being a child…. His loss… Because she is now scared to trust men… Because she cant trust her own father.. And he shows so much love to women. And then just Kills So many women’s Hearts… Get ahold of me… Hear a little more of the Women’s side of story, I will give you everyone elses names…. All he has ever worried about is money… That is why he married a widow/nurse… He fell in love with that… But fell out of it when shut off… One selfish man!!!! I just wish I was informed back in 1996, he was not happy with me by his mom or just someone….before I chased him out to west texas…. I would have never worried about him anymore… Please please please… I would hate for you to get hurt…”WOMEN TO WOMEN” PLEASE BE SUPPER SUPPER CAREFUL!!!!

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