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Lamel J Hinton Queens , New York

First Name : Lamel J
Last Name : Hinton
Gender : M
Age : 43
City : Queens
State : NY
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (347)213-0303

Lamel J. Hinton is a supremely arrogant, weak-minded and very emotionally abusive a*****e. Not to mention the fact that he is extremely narcissistic high on the spectrum of being malignant. He comes across as charming, “nice” and complimentary at first but it is all a front until the mask falls off and he shows his real self.

He is a photographer that has cheated his way through film school because he can’t make it on his merit. He has relegated someone at his job that written his reports and projects because he apparently is too stupid to do it on his own. I know this for certain because he told me.

He loves drawing attention to himself because he is utterly obsessed with himself. He thinks everyone is a f*****g idiot and he is smarter than everyone else.

He especially enjoys attempting to humiliate and demean people in front of others to make himself appear more superior and in control.

The ironic thing is that he is impotent and abuses alcoholic on a regular basis. He is a person filled with many vices, contradictions and addictions.

Also, He loves playing the victim telling his dating prospects that he was hurt because his last girlfriend left him. Wow, I wonder why???!

He especially loves to use manipulation schemes, lies, and psychological torture tactics to get his way (to get women in bed) and to make people feel horrible about themselves.

His sorry attempts at offering false/disingenuous apologies is an pathetic attempt to lure his victims back in to his abuse and to try to gain control over them.

He is a f*****g terrible person that has no real compassion or concern for others. He is incredibly fake, toxic and profoundly superficial to his very core. You have been warned, stay away from him.

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