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Lamel Hinton Queens, New York

First Name : Lamel
Last Name : Hinton
Gender : M
Age : 43
City : Queens
State : NY
Country : US
Phone : (347)213-0303

Lamel Hinton works at the Manhattan VA (aka cesspool of moral decay) as a photographer. He is an outwardly arrogant and an abusive piece of shit. You can keep taking these narratives down asshole but I will keep writing them, so go FUCK yourself in advance.

I dated him for a very short time and what a terrible person he really is. He exhibited irrefutable proof that he has narcissistic traits that is very high on the spectrum of being malignant.

He was verbally and emotionally abusive towards me and no doubt within a short amount of time he would have been physically abusive as well.

Given his tall stature he particularly likes to bully and intidimate people. He is a very weak-minded,controlling, jealous, inappropriate, user, low-class, self-obsessed, grandiose, emotionally immature, fake/disingenuous, superficial, manipulative and deceitful person.

He will lie and tell you anything you want to hear to get his own way. He is 43 year old man child.

He will use all types of compliments and flattery aka love-bombing and then within days saying random and unprovoked abusive things like “ You are a fucking idiot”, “You need to lose weight”,
or you are only pretty with make-up.” He gets very jealous when other people gets praise and acknowledgment.

This is all within a month of dating him. Within the first month of dating he would constantly pressure me to stay over his house because he would feign concern about me driving home alone at night when in reality he was concerned about getting laid.

I simply left his apartment with the intent of never coming back or ever speaking to him again. However we worked in the same hospital and I saw him coming in the next morning and he said “Hello” as though nothing as had ever happened which is a form of psychological torture and emotional abuse.

I ignored him at that point and then he realized that his narcissistic “supply” was now cut off he managed to attempt a fake apology to try to reel back in with his bullshit. Again I ignored him as the sight and his voice made my skin crawl.

A another example of his abuse is when we were at a broadway show in May 2018 and were sitting in the audience as it was about to start and says to me in front of audience members near by “I just love getting pussy.” What s classy guy.

This was his attempt to control and manipulate me by making me feel less than or try to humiliate and embarrass me in front of others. When in all the nasty things he has said about me is an actual projection of how he really feels about himself.

He will never see anyone as a whole person as others are just empty shells for him to project off of. He is a monster inside playing the role of a “decent and good” guy. He is devoid of any type of compassion, empathy, integrity and decency.

Yet he loves playing the victim role. Please don’t hurt me as I was hurt by my ex.” Meanwhile it is ok for him to be disgusting and abusive towards others. “I can’t help the way I am as I learned it from my friends.”

He will never take responsibility for the pain and trouble he causes other people as narcissists are particularly adept at shifting and projecting the blame onto others. It’s will never be his fault as it is always someone else’s problem.

He also feigns care and concern to desperately get women in bed. He has erectile dysfunction problems as a result of him abusing alcohol and smoking marijuana on a regular basis. His refrigerator is filled to the brim with all types of alcoholic beverages.

In addition to being a dirty disgusting bastard inside, his apartment was no exception. He had an out of control flea infestation and the numerous bites on his body were evident.

He also had countless roaches running around everywhere along with dead fish that stunk up that place really badly. He also had his nasty cat litter box in his kitchen that smelled horrible.

His kitchen was really dirty and filled with roaches. Meanwhile he will ask you take off your shoes because he ironically does want the dirt of the street on his carpet. What a fucking moron!

He is a like a poisonous snake that needs to be handled. He has no intelligence, depth, humanity, or integrity. He just a dirty pig looking for his next “fix” to feed his narcissistic supply of admiration/praise, sex, alcohol, money, marijuana, whatever he can get as he is a user and abuser.

Save yourself the trouble and heartache and stay far away from this crazy asshole. He is a sick and diseased person. He is a miserable, pathetic trash bag that will only cause you harm in time.

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