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Lakeshia Jones-Forte, Flossmoor, Illinois

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This phony bible fucking woman has been cheating on her husband for the last 2 yrs with his friend the husband found out that she was cheating on him, when I met him he told me that he was going thru a divorce and they was waiting to sell the hse. The friend that she was cheating with decided that he didnt want to be bothered with such a phony and unclassless woman that he kicked her to the trash where she belongs, now she decided that she wants her marriage back bcuz she now know that no one would ever want someone as old and decrepit looking as her and she is stalking the hell out of me. She also has 2 daughters that look up to her the min that she is exposed and he caught her telling this man how much she loves him and how she cant wait to be with him but he only used her for whats in between her legs now she is running back to her husband that no longer wants her. She going thru desperate measures I mean DESPERATE measures. I dont even see this man anymore and she looking for anyone to blame for her failed marriage .. Women like her need to be exposed for the phony facade they put up KEISHA-JONES FORTE you are exposed and Im teaching u like ur mother should have, have some self pride and learn to have some self respect for yourself remember your daughters are watching


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