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Lacy Ensley, Sylva, North Carolina

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I just recently noticed, that my friend is on this site and I would like to set the record straight since I am aware of everything that went on. I am sick of all the lies that have been spread about my friend, she told the truth and and now these two are back together, she forgets what her so called fiancé did (lied to both Lacy and my friend) of course she blames my friend for everything, when she is not MRS.PERFECT like she likes to act. I am aware of at least 2 marriages she split up so, how is it fair that my friend is up here when this woman (Lacy Ensley) clearly belongs up here herself. The final straw was when several people approached my friend asking about the restraining order, and that was it there was no restraining order, they both got mutual no contact orders.

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